Critter Control of Cleveland is your local choice for wildlife removal and prevention services. Our wildlife trapping and exclusion methods are safe and effective. Give us a call when you are experiencing wildlife problems with raccoons, squirrels, skunks, groundhogs and more.

Raccoon in Dryer Vent in ClevelandOur Services

We are your full-service wildlife management company, offering:

Wildlife Trapping

Animal Removal

Wildlife Damage Repairs

Animal Proofing/Wildlife Prevention

Home Services

When Should You Call Critter Control?

Hearing noises in the attic or noises in the walls can be an initial sign of a wildlife animal living in your home. Call Critter Control of Cleveland as soon as you suspect a wildlife animal nesting in your attic or walls! Animals are very destructive and are capable of serious damage within your home. Critter Control technicians are able to identify your problem and get the wildlife out quickly.