Wildlife in trap municipal services ClevelandCritter Control of Cleveland offers on-call wildlife control services for communities that do not need a full-time animal control officer. Stop moles, geese, squirrels, and pigeons from creating damages and problems for your municipality. Call Critter Control of Cleveland today. 216.342.2316

Municipal Wildlife Control in Cleveland

Many of our offices provide wildlife control for communities that are in need, but do not have a fill-time animal control officer. We can provide wildlife control where it is not otherwise offered. Many cities and towns are in need of mole trapping, geese removal, bat control, pigeon control and more. Let us be the professionals to help your community, if you don't have professionals for your area handling this. 

It is important to us that your community is safe.  We can provide municipalities with road kill removal, wild animal control, assistance with code violations causing rodent problems, emergency services and nuisance wildlife removal. 

Whether you need help today, routine patrols, or emergency services, call us today at 216.342.2316.