Despite their cute appearance, badgers are fearsome and confident animals that have been known to stand up to and fight creatures as big as grizzly bears and as dangerous as venomous snakes. Badgers, like the majority of wildlife animals, are not typically aggressive to humans unless they feel threatened, but they're still not something you want on your property. If you notice signs of badger behavior on your property, call Critter Control of Cleveland today. We can help you get rid of badgers. 216.342.2316 or online HERE.

Common Badger Issues 

Badgers have very dominating personalities, they are not an animal that you want to mess with. We recommend leaving it to the professionals! Here are some common badger complaints: 

  • Badger Removal Critter Control of ClevelandAggression towards humans
  • Although badgers are small in size, they're very confident and dominant animals
  • On occasion, badgers will eat flower bulbs and vegetables when the food source is scarce
  • Damage to the landscape due to their digging habits 

If you are experiencing any of these problems, call Critter Control of Cleveland right away!

Badger Removal Services

If badgers had it their way, they'd never have to interact with humans. Unfortunately, a lot of their preferred food sources are near human-inhabited areas. Possible ways to keep badgers away include: 

  • Mesh fencing buried to a depth of 12–15 inches can exclude most badgers
  • Limiting their availability to food sources
  • Habitat modification 

Full-Service Badger Removal & Repairs

Attempting to trap these aggressive creatures yourself can be a dangerous task to do, especially if you are untrained.  As aggressive creatures, badgers will do everything in their power to fend off potential threats. Professional wildlife removal is the only way to ensure the job is done properly and safely. Critter Control's professional wildlife technicians will effectively remove badgers. Call us at 216.342.2316 today!

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