A bobcat, also known as a wildcat, is a solitary wildlife animal that does not usually get inside Cleveland homes. Bobcat problems arise on the properties outside Cleveland. Bobcats pose a threat to livestock and domestic animals. These cats are nocturnal, but Cleveland residents have seen them during the day before. If you do see a bobcat on your property, it's vital that you keep them off your property to keep your family and pets safe. Call Critter Control of Cleveland at (216) 342-2316 today for help with bobcat removal. We can help you get rid of bobcats for good!

Get Rid of Bobcats

Getting rid of Cleveland bobcatsCleveland residents can implement a number of exclusion techniques to keep bobcats from wanting to spend time on their property. Some methods that can be helpful include:

  • Fencing (although bobcats are skilled jumpers, like many cats)
  • Keeping pet food and water sources inside the home or covered outbuildings

Common Bobcat Problems

  • Bobcats are typically very solitary and aren't prone to attacking humans; their instinct is to flee. If a bobcat seems to be aggressive with no provoking, it is likely rabid or protecting its young.
  • They most likely wouldn't enter your Cleveland home unless by accident.
  • Bobcats do most of their hunting in the wild, but when desperate they will attack domestic pets and livestock.

Bobcat Trapping & Removal

Attempting bobcat removal without professional assistance can become dangerous very quickly. We recommend that you contact a professionally trained bobcat removal company like Critter Control of Cleveland to make sure that people and animals involved remain safe. Your Critter Control technician will have the knowledge, tools, and experience to remove bobcats safely and humanely.

We can help you get rid of bobcat problems. Call Critter Control of Cleveland at (216) 342-2316 today for help getting rid of bobcats from your property!

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