Dealing with a crow problem in the Cleveland area can be overwhelming just like any other wildlife issue. Crows are a common sight throughout the country, and like many other birds, crows are incredibly intelligent. They can still be a pest in your yard, though, so give us a call if you have a crow problem. (216) 342-2316 or contact us online here.

Cleveland Crow Control

  • Cleveland crow problemsBecause of their breeding tendencies, crows gather in large flocks of varying ages.
  • Their cawing and sheer number become an issue when they take up residence on your Cleveland property.
  • Crows prefer open field areas with several trees nearby.
  • Commonly found in both urban and suburban areas, crows make their way into residential neighborhoods regularly.
  • They thrive where humans live because their preferred dietary needs can be met in these areas.

Common Crow Damage

  • Crow damage primarily occurs in agricultural fields and gardens in the form of foraging and tree damage.
  • Furthermore, their loud cawing creates irritating noise pollution.
  • Crow excrement and urine produces unpleasant odors and has been known to carry dangerous diseases.

Crow Control Services

Crows can be difficult to remove once the population has settled, so it's important to contact your crow removal specialists as soon as you notice a problem on your property. Your technicians will likely utilize more than one method of crow control to keep the crows discouraged.

As they congregate and roost in such large numbers, crows frequently prove challenging to remove, especially for untrained homeowners. In fact, DIY crow removal attempts can actually exacerbate the problem by causing the birds to move to another, possibly worse location. For effective crow removal service, contact the trained crow removal professionals at Critter Control of Cleveland. Our professional wildlife removal technicians can handle crow infestations of nearly any size.

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The true crows are in the genus Corvus; they are large Passerine birds. As a group they show remarkable examples of intelligence; it would not be at all an exaggeration to characterize crows as being to birds what higher primates (including humans) are to mammals.
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