Gray squirrels and red squirrels are common around the Cleveland area, but flying squirrels are also present—and they also present challenges. These nocturnal animals are often heard before they are spotted, so contact our office today at (216) 342-2316 if you hear scratching in your attic or walls. You can also leave us more information about your flying squirrel problem on our contact form.

Get Rid of Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrel removal ClevelandFlying squirrels can be a pain when they get into your home and scratch your walls or attic. We will make sure to get them out and keep them out of such areas as:
  • Ornamental and shade trees on Cleveland lawns, and in outbuildings like sheds and barns.
  • Attics and walls are common flying squirrel hiding places in Cleveland.
  • The gliding rodent may also take up residence in parks, golf courses, and other areas with regular human activity and sufficient foliage.

Common Flying Squirrel Damage

  • They can become an issue when they get into your attic, causing a ruckus at all hours.
  • Their waste creates unpleasant odors and carries harmful bacteria.
  • Like their non-flying relatives, flying squirrels have a tendency to chew on walls, support beams, and wires.

Flying Squirrel Control Services

There are a few habitat modifications that can be made to discourage flying squirrels from wanting to come onto their property, including:

  • Sealing all potential entry points to Cleveland home. These can sometimes be difficult to identify if you don't know where to look, as flying squirrels can fit through holes as small as a nickel. Prevention methods that your technician may install include vent and chimney screens.
  • Keep possible food sources, like trash or pet food, safe by fitting them with tight lids.
  • Discourage flying squirrels easy access to roofs by trimming overhanging tree branches over/near rooftops.

Like all wildlife animals, interacting with a flying squirrel could result in injury, especially if the flying squirrel is protecting her babies. Contact the flying squirrel specialists at Critter Control of Cleveland for safe flying squirrel removal on your property. Call today! (216) 342-2316

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Flying Squirrels
Flying squirrels can control their glide and speed, by direction, angle and destination, and have been recorded to glide as far as the length of a football field.
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