What Does Ground Squirrel Scat Look Like?

Ground Squirrel scat is tube-like and rounded at the ends. The scat color is brownish-black.  As opposed to tree squirrels, their sccat does not have woody fibers left by tree squirrels. If you find feces similar to this on your property, that is a good indication that you have a ground squirrel infestation. 

Hazards of Ground Squirrel Feces

Ground squirrels and their waste are dangerous to human health and should not be approached or handled by people. Dead or alive, these pests can harbor fleas that carry the deadly bubonic plague. They are also linked with the spread of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, rat bite fever, and tularemia. If residents come into contact with ground squirrel droppings or saliva and begin to feel sick, they should seek immediate medical attention. If you suspect a ground squirrel has taken residence on your property, Contact Us at Critter Control of Cleveland for professional removal! 

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