What Do Ground Squirrel Tracks Look Like?


Since ground squirrels travel mainly underground, we are able to trace them by the dropping that they leave. In addition to feces which they drop at the front of their four-inch borrows, they can also leave little prints. These prints are aroumd two centimeters across with five-toed front paws and four-toed hind paws. When identifying tracks in your yard, note that ground squirrel tracks often show their feet plaved side by side,  and tree squirrels' front feet typically fall at a diagnol angle.

Getting Rid of Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrels cause much more of an issue than most people realize. Ground squirrels dig webs of tunnels below trees, homes and gardens. These kill plans, and weaken roots as well as foundations. Ground squirrel tracks often indicate that there are other rodents infesting your home, and not just squirrels. To avoid this, property owners must prevent the pests from entering their property. 

Ground squirrels gravitate toward nut and fruit trees. If you plant these trees on your property, be sure to build your fences so that they drop at least one foot below the surface of the garden, to discourage these critters from burrowing. Ground squirrels procreate fast, and cohabitate in groups of dozens, so removing one critter will not solve the infestation. Critter Control of Cleveland specializes in professional removal of pest animals; Contact Us to schedile an appointment! 

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