Norway rats, also known as brown rats, are fearsome nuisance animals to have in your home or business; despite their small size, they can be responsible for a number of issues, including compromised electrical wiring and soiled food. Norway rats are prevalent across the world and pose serious health risks to humans and pets. These rats are larger than typical rats, and they have darker fur (they can grow up to 18 inches long). Contact us today for assistance with Norway rat removal in your home or business by calling our office at 216.342.2316 or visiting our contact page.

Removing Norway Rats from Your Home

  • Since humans provide Norway rats with readily available sources of food and water, as well as suitable shelter, the rodents hold a cosmopolitan distribution and are prominent in major cities with bustling human activity.
  • Norway rats often find their way into buildings, as they are often looking for food.
  • Although rat infestations are common, homeowners or business owners may not be aware of the rodents because they are mostly nocturnal. Seeing one or more rats during the day indicates that there is likely a large population.
  • Signs of Norway rat infestation include plentiful droppings, noises like frequent scratching or scampering, burrows near house foundations, and the bodies of deceased rats.

Common Brown Rat Problems

  • In addition to soiling everything they touch, Norway rats will bite and/or scratch when they feel threatened.
  • Since they transmit several serious diseases, Norway rat bites and scratches put humans in danger from any number of rodent-borne viruses, including rat-bite fever, the plague, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV).
  • The rodents may also carry smaller pests like fleas.
  • Norway rats damage building foundations and sidewalks and gnaw on a variety of objects, leaving behind aesthetically displeasing teeth marks.

Getting Rid of Norway Rats

  • A vital step to keeping rats and other rodents out of your home includes basic sanitation.
  • Keeping food off the ground and generally keeping buildings cleaned regularly reduce the possibility of attracting the rodents.
  • Some additional things you can do to keep rats out is to cover trash bins with lids, sealing food in rodent-proof containers, removing clutter from basements and attics, sealing any holes in building foundations, and replacing broken window screens helps ward off Norway rats, as well.

Rat Trapping, Rat Proofing and Rat Removal

Once infestations are established, property owners should act swiftly to remove rat populations as Norway rats multiply quickly. Contacting pest control professionals ensures the rodents are eliminated in ways that are safe for both the animals and people involved — do not underestimate the power that rats have to cause injury and illness to humans. Our trained Critter Control technicians have the necessary tools to eradicate Norway rats and are simply a phone call away.

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Norway Rats
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