There are over two dozen species of snakes in Ohio, and only a handful are venomous: the Massasauga rattlesnake and the timber rattlesnake. Regardless of whether the snake you find on your Cleveland property is venomous or not,  we do not recommend you approach and handle the slithering critter yourself. If you are dealing with snake issues in your Cleveland home or property, call us today at (216) 342-2316 or reach our team online.

Getting Rid of Cleveland Snakes

Cleveland snake managementSnakes can be somewhat beneficial for the environment, as their diets consist of insects, amphibians and small rodents. However, they are still not a wildlife critter you want on your property and close to your pets. They don't typically get into your home unless their natural resources and shelter are scarce, but if they do, here's some things that we will do to get them out and keep them from wanting to come back and stay:

  • Exclusion methods such as home exterior hole sealing
  • Keeping weeds, lawns, and woodpiles away from homes to get rid of potential hiding places
  • Making that habitat otherwise unfriendly to prey species like rodents or insects

When shelter and sources of food are scarce in their natural habitat, snakes enter homes and yards much more frequently. They can invade houses through cracks in building foundations, tears in window and door screens, and even through holes that serve electrical conduits and plumbing. Tall grasses in unkempt lawns provide snakes with ideal hiding and hunting grounds while stacks of firewood, brush, and junk piles offer the reptiles suitable shelter.

Do snakes harm people or property?
Most snakes are relatively harmless and actually flee from human interaction. When cornered, snakes hiss, coil, and either strike or bluff at offending parties. Though this can be frightening to experience, especially for young children and curious pets, no harm is typically caused. Nonvenomous snake bites are painful but leave no lasting effects. In areas where venomous snakes live, approaching the reptiles is much more dangerous. Their bites can prove deadly if not treated immediately and properly.

Poisonous Snakes in Cleveland

  • Massasauga rattlesnake: Often found hidden in swampy meadows and prairies
  • The timber rattlesnake: Found commonly in wooded and rocky areas

Snake Trapping & Removal

Even though certain species of snakes are not venomous, all snakes have the capacity to harm both humans and domestic animals. They strike when cornered, which makes attempts to trap them dangerous. Critter Control wildlife specialists can safely and humanely remove problematic snakes from properties. Our professionals are trained, equipped, and ready to keep members of the public safe by eliminating pestilential snakes. We can help you get rid of snake problems. Call us today at (216) 342-2316 or reach us online.

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Snakes in your home, garden or rock piles? Those slithering serpents are probably harmless. Critter Control can help you deal with snakes in a humane and rational way. If you see a snake and are concerned, call Critter Control and our trained technicians can oftentimes catch the snake if it is still there.
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