Pop goes the weasel indeed. These small mammals have sharp teeth and supple bodies that make them effective killers. Forget the fox, you need to worry about keeping the weasel out of the hen house. If you have a weasel on your property, Critter Control of Cleveland will remove them for you. Our specialists know how to handle even the most murderous wildlife animals. Call today for weasel assistance! 216.342.2316

Keeping Weasels Away

Weasel Removal Services In Cleveland Despite their size, weasels are a vicious animal, especially when on the hunt. When cornered, they will use their sharp teeth and claws in order to escape, which can result in the injury of people or pets. Various exclusion methods can effectively keep weasels out of yards, including fencing and chicken wire. There are no known fumigants or repellants that keep weasels away, which makes closing off building openings necessary to ward off the pest.

Common Weasel Damage 

For the most part, weasels are merely nuisance pests. The largest threat they pose is to the poultry industry, as they target chickens and their eggs as easy meals. Weasels also carry various parasites known to harbor infectious diseases such as ticks, fleas, and mites. In rare cases, weasels may be infected with rabies.

Trapping and Removal

While exclusion methods can be effective, they are also time-consuming. Professional wildlife removal specialists from Critter Control can humanely and effectively remove pest weasels from private properties. Our specialists have the proper equipment and training to carefully remove weasels, which keeps untrained individuals and domestic animals safe.

Critter Control of Cleveland can help you get rid of weasel problems! Call us today at 216.342.2316

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Dead chickens or other birds in your yard? You may have a marauding weasel on your hands. Weasels raid poultry houses at night to kill or injure domestic fowl and feast on their warm blood. Call Critter Control today for effective weasel removal and exclusion services.
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