What To Do-It-Yourself? 

DIY Animal Removal in ClevelandDo-It-Yourself (DIY) projects can provide a sense of accomplishment and sometimes save you money, but dealing with wildlife animals can often turn into more than you bargained for. 

Working on roofs, climbing ladders, and maneuvering in confined spaces can lead to falls or other serious injuries. Many people lack the know-how and experience of safe ladder use and the implementation of the fall-safe and other safety equipment. 

Trapping wildlife and animal-proofing in the Cleveland area can also involve exposure to wildlife-related diseases or animal bites, and many wild animals leave infected feces behind. From roundworms to Hantavirus, animal droppings and cleanups can be hazardous as airborne spores can cause respiratory and other health issues.

Tis' the season for groundhogs. It may seem like a simple task to remove these troublesome rodents from your Cleveland property, but it's best to think twice before trying to remove  groundhogs from your property. 

Dangers of DIY Groundhog Removal 

When every day starts to feel like Groundhog Day at your Cleveland home, it can be easy to jump on the computer and research the best DIY method for removing groundhogs from your yard. However, before you jump to Google, take a second thought to the potential risks and dangers of DIY groundhog removal. 

As we stated above any wildlife control DIY project poses a serious threat to the safety of you, your pets, and your home. Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are potentially aggressive and dangerous animals; it is important that you leave groundhog removal to the professionals at Critter Control of Cleveland. Our trained experts have years of experience removing groundhogs and use safe and humane process to keep groundhogs away from your Cleveland property. 

Here is a list of the dangers of DIY groundhog removal: 

  • Groundhogs can attack humans or pets. Although groundhog attacks are uncommon, it may occur if a groundhog feels frightened or threatened. A rabid groundhog could also attack you or your pets without warning. It is important to never touch, or approach live groundhogs.
  • Groundhogs can carry dangerous diseases. Groundhogs can carry a variety of serious diseases that can be transferred to humans or pets through bites, scratches, or contact with their feces. Some common diseases found in groundhogs are Lyme, Powassan virus, Rabies, and Tularemia. It is important that proper disposal of any deceased or trapped ground hog is conducted to limit the risk of exposure. Along with the proper disposal of all groundhog feces. 
  • You could injure yourself. There are many physical injury risks associated with DIY groundhog removal. Groundhogs create underground burrows and tunnels. It is very easy to not see a groundhog burrow and accidentally twist or break your ankle by falling into one. Another physical injury that could occur is by incorrectly handling pesticides and chemicals that are used as groundhog deterrents. 

It is best to leave the groundhog removal to the professionals. Not only will you save yourself from a plethora of potential dangers, but you can also get back to the things that matter most. The experts at Critter Control of Cleveland are able to remove groundhogs quickly and effectively from your Cleveland property. Our technicians will remove groundhogs and clean up any damages left by these nuisance rodents.

Leave It To The Professionals 

Wildlife removal can be a dangerous task to take on by yourself, this is best left to the professionals. Our technicians are highly experienced and ready to help you. Call Critter Control of Cleveland today at 216.342.2316!