Beavers are the largest rodent in North America. They can be a nuisance and cause a lot of damage but they can be a good animal to have around. Beavers improve water quality, maintain our wetlands and they slow down water movement.  Their front teeth grow continuously, which helps the animal easily gnaw down trees, causing notable damage to yards. If you notice beavers or signs of beaver presence in your Cleveland yard, call Critter Control today! 216.342.2316

Getting Rid Of Beavers 

Beavers usually only affect the properties that are near sources of water, the damage caused by a beaver dam can affect entire communities. If your beaver problem is not handled right away it can cause a significant amount of damage to your property. Critter Control of Cleveland knows many different beaver removals and prevention methods. Beaver Removal Services In Cleveland

  • Humane live trapping
  • Exclusion (wire mesh fencing)
  • Habitat modification (destroying dams)

Common Beaver Problems 

As with any wildlife animal, approaching or handling beavers is not recommended.  It is best to contact a professional wildlife company like Critter Control. Our professional technicians are experienced and know how to handle beaver issues. Common beaver issues are: 

Beaver Tree Damage

  • Building their dams near homes
  • Gnawing on trees
  • Gnawing on plants 
  • Flooding 



Full-Service Trapping And Removal

Trapping is best conducted by the wildlife professionals found at Critter Control. Having dealt with beaver problems in the past, our technicians have know-how and removal tools at their disposal. Professional beaver removal, if done correctly, can prevent future incursions and eliminate the dangers of both personal and animal injury.

Critter Control of Cleveland can help you get rid of beaver problems. Call us at 216.342.2316 for more information on beaver removal and beaver trapping!

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