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Birds are a vital part of the natural ecosystem. From scavengers returning valuable energy back into the environment to predators controlling nuisance populations of small pests, birds will always play an important role. The value of birds to our planet will never be doubted, but what happens when they start to interfere with the everyday lives of humans. That's when Critter Control of Cleveland comes into play. Our expert technicians have the training and skill to solve all the problems that come with pigeons, woodpeckers, sparrows, and any other troublesome species. Call our office today and get rid of birds in your attic, house, and/or off your property.


Bird Problems & Bird Damage 

One might think, "Come on! How can you complain about a tiny little bird?" Those people don't realize how much damage our feathered friends can cause. Each species of bird comes with its own, unique set of behaviors that can impede the lives of humans. Identifying the bird or birds causing the problems will be the first step of our technicians' process. If you don't happen to catch a glimpse of the bird, the damage caused can give you a good idea of what you are dealing with. 

Plant Damage from Birds

The most widescale damage caused by birds is harm to domesticated plants. Vulnerable gardens and crop fields are untapped gold mines to species of birds like blackbirds, crows, and turkeys. These birds make themselves at home near or in the field in order to take advantage of the "endless" supply of free food. Birds can completely destroy a field of corn or a patch of berries. By damaging your plants, birds are actually damaging your wallet. 

Although fish are not plants, they can be in a pond in your garden. Herons have been known to wipe out an entire small pond of fish. It is illegal to kill a heron without a special license so be sure to call Critter Control of Cleveland to avoid committing a crime.

Bird Deterrents

Controlling birds is a difficult task. Their mobility and high nests are a challenge for most people and businesses to deal with. The secret to controlling birds is to deny them places to land and nest on and around your building. Another method of controlling birds is to trap the current roosting birds, immediately ending the problems they cause. It is more likely, however, that our experts will do both of these things to ensure that we can control your bird problems.

The best bird control and bird proof approaches emphasize deterrents, exclusion, or modification of buildings.  Critter Control’s knowledgeable technicians have several bird control methods to birdproof your home or help to get rid of birds that congregate on municipal and commercial buildings in urban settings.  We will work with you to birdproof your property in a humane method with a bird control plan.  We use other bird deterrents in rural and agricultural settings for bird control. 

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We can help you get rid of bird problems. 

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Birds may be beneficial, neutral or harmful to man's interests, depending upon time, location and activity, and certain birds (sparrows, woodpeckers, waterfowl, pigeons and black birds) are more likely to become pests and require bird proofing and bird control.
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