Moles can cause unsightly damage to lawns and expensive landscaping, and these holes and dirt mounds can also be dangerous. They will dig extensive burrows in your yard and you might not even see them. Contact Critter Control and we can catch these critters in the act. Call our Cleveland office today at 216.642.3044 or leave us a message using our online form.

Getting Rid of Moles in Your Cleveland Yard

Mole Exiting Mole Tunnel in Cleveland YardMoles will spend most of their time underground, so they mostly rely on their sense of smell. They make their homes in tunnel systems in yards. Some methods of removing these small critters from your property can include:

  • Trapping
    • Widely considered the most effective mole control method, trapping can be time-consuming to monitor as a homeowner, and it's often time you just don't have. This is where hiring a professional mole trapping company like Critter Control of Cleveland comes in handy.

Common Ground Mole Problems

The most common problem with moles on your Cleveland property occur in your yard and include:

  • Turf Damage
    • Most homeowners can recognize molehills as such, but other animals also cause yard damage, including voles and skunks. The major difference is where on the yard this occurs—mole damage is raised. This leads to a weakened lawn area, as the dirt is no longer supporting the grass. This can cause unsightly damage and even threaten injury if stepped in.

Full-Service Ground Mole Removal

Moles are difficult to trap and populations of the pest are hard to control. Individuals dealing with mole infestations should call Critter Control, as we maintain experienced workforces that specialize in mole removal. Let our trained technicians use their expertise to eradicate mole problems quickly and efficiently. We can help you get rid of mole problems. Call Critter Control of Cleveland today: 216.642.3044.


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Mole tunnels, mole damage to your lawn, or mounds in your yard? Get rid of moles in your yard. Call your local Critter Control office today for effective mole removal services. We practice safe and effective mole removal solutions in order to eliminate any mole problems you may be having.
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