Cleveland residents are well aware of the problems that raccoons can create, which are most evident by the trash that is on the ground or the thumps heard from the attic. Regardless of how cute they may appear, raccoons are still wild animals and can be hazardous to your well-being. They are carriers of many dangerous diseases and it's best to make sure you are a safe distance away from the creatures. If you suspect you have raccoons on your property, we can help. To request more information about a raccoon inspection, contact us here or call our Cleveland office at 216.342.2316.

Frequent Complaints Related To Raccoons

Common complaints that we receiveRaccoon Control in the Cleveland Area here at Critter Control of Cleveland regarding Raccoons include: 

  • Dead livestock and poultry, possibly household pets
  • Trash on the ground outside trash bins
  • Soiled insulation from urine and feces 
  • Contaminated food
  • Raccoons in the garage

Raccoon Trapping And Removal 

Raccoons are most dangerous to the landscape surrounding your home, but they also do damage inside the home when they are searching for a warm nesting area. Sometimes they get into your home by accident. Critter Control of Cleveland is prepared to prevent and remove raccoons from your home by performing some or all of the following:

  • Live traps 
  • Sealing possible methods of entry

 Full-Service Raccoon Removal 

Setting up food poison and animal traps can be dangerous; you can easily hurt yourself, your family, or your pets. Instead of going through that hassle, you should call Critter Control of Cleveland today! At Critter Control, we have the most advanced tools and technologies and combined with our years of industry experience, we will fix your raccoon problems in no time.  Call us at 216.342.2316.

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Ever wondered what raccoons sound like? If you're hearing noises like these, then you could very well have a raccoon in your house. Click on the "Play Audio" button below and hear what a raccoon sounds like.

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