Cleveland residents are familiar with the problems that raccoons create. Indications of raccoon presence include trash left on the ground outside of your home or the thumps you hear in your attic. Regardless of how cute they appear, raccoons are wild animals that pose a high risk of danger to yourself, your family, and your pets. Raccoons carry many infectious diseases and are a common spreader of roundworm, a harmful parasite that can affect people and pets. If you spot a raccoon, keep your distance. If you suspect you have raccoons on your Cleveland property, we can help with raccoon removal. To schedule a raccoon inspection, contact us here or call our Cleveland office at 216.342.2316.

Common Raccoon Problems in Cleveland

Two Raccoons Hunched in a Log Outside Cleveland HomeRaccoons can get up to quite a bit of mischief when they want to. Some of the most common raccoon complaints we receive here at Critter Control of Cleveland are:

  • Soiled Insulation
    • Raccoons are one of the most common animal visitors to your attic. Unfortunately, their damage is exceptional; especially their tendency to leave large areas of waste separate from their nesting areas.
  • Dead Livestock
    • Raccoons are natural predators to livestock like chickens or ducks, and may also threaten or injure domestic pets like cats or dogs.
  • Infectious Diseases
    • As wild animals, raccoons are responsible for their share of diseases, such as Leptospirosis (transmitted through urine) and Raccoon Roundworm (transmitted through ingesting of raccoon feces).
  • Trapped Raccoons
    • Raccoons can get into some pretty crafty places, like walls and chimneys. We can help safely remove them, and it's especially important to call a professional raccoon technician if there are raccoon babies involved.

Raccoon Removal & Control

Raccoons inflict serious damage on the landscape surrounding your home, but they can also do a considerable amount of damage inside your Cleveland home, too. Particularly, when searching for warm nesting areas. It is not uncommon for raccoons to enter the home by accident. Critter Control of Cleveland is well-equipped to prevent events like this from happening and to get raccoons out of your home with the time-tested raccoon removal methods below:

  • Identifying and sealing all possible areas of raccoon entry
  • Strategic deployment of live traps

Full-Service Raccoon Removal 

Setting up animal traps can be dangerous business, especially if you’re using poison. Leave it to the professionals and save yourself the hassle and risk of injury to yourself, your family, or your pets. Critter Control of Cleveland is standing by to tend to all of your raccoon removal needs.

Critter Control of Cleveland utilizes the most advanced tools and technologies to handle any situation smoothly. That, combined with our years of industry experience, is what makes us qualified to handle all of your raccoon problems, in no time. Call us today at 216.342.2316.

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Ever wondered what raccoons sound like? If you're hearing noises like thumping, dragging or scratching, there's a chance you could have a raccoon in your house. Contact Critter Control of Cleveland today for help with raccoon removal.
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