Squirrels are considered a nuisance nearly nationwide, and Cleveland is no exception. Whether they are in your yard, digging holes that are aesthetically displeasing and potentially dangerous, or in your house, leaving behind urine/feces and ripped insulation, squirrels are not an animal that you want around. Three species of squirrels appear in Cleveland: the fox squirrel, red squirrel, and grey squirrel. If you are hearing scratching or scampering noises in your home, an inspection can help us identify which removal and prevention methods should be implemented. Contact your local Cleveland Critter Control at 216.342.2316 or using our handy online form here.

Keeping Squirrels Out

As opportunistic critters, squirrels damage yards and fields by digging for nuts and insects. When ground squirrels burrow near manmade embankments or dams, they weaken the structural integrity and cause collapses. Flying squirrels and tree squirrels damage homes by gnawing or tearing at insulation and electrical wires on roofs and in attics. They can also cause outages when they run across power lines. Some things Critter Control of Cleveland will do to get and keep squirrels out include:

  • Live traps
  • Seal entry points and vents

There are also some things you can do to lower the chances that a squirrel will find your property appealing, including clipping tree limbs overhanging roofs, and installing electric fencing.

Common Squirrel Problems

  • Ripped and/or soiled insulation

  • Weak building structures

  • Power outages from a damaged power line

  • Chewed and exposed wires

Getting Rid of Squirrels

If squirrel problems come up, contact Critter Control wildlife experts to handle the furry little rodents. Our technicians have the training and tools necessary to trap and remove squirrels from private properties. We employ humane methods of eradication and our process is safe for all humans and animals involved.

We can help you get rid of squirrel problems. Call today: 216.342.2316

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