Wildlife Damage Control in ClevelandCritter Control of Cleveland provides full-service wildlife damage control and damage repair. Our professional technicians will not only remove the wildlife, but we will also repair the damage that they may have caused. We recognize how serious a situation involving wildlife can become. We will restore your home to pre-animal damage condition! Call Critter Control of Cleveland today at 216.342.2316. You can also reach us online.

Professional Animal Damage Control  

Regardless of what type of animal caused the damage, our Cleveland technicians will fix it and make sure it doesn't happen again!

Your Critter Control technician will use all necessary repair methods for the specific damages that your wildlife animal is responsible for. We are wildlife animal damage control experts. There are no wildlife animal damages that Critter Control of Cleveland can't handle!

Wildlife Damage Repair Techniques

Critter Control of Cleveland offers a wide range of animal damage repair techniques. The majority of our repairs will also double as prevention techniques! Our repair methods may include:

Types of Animal Damage

Chewed wires

Rodent teeth never stop growing, so they’re always looking to relieve the discomfort. Chewing keeps their teeth feeling good and strong. Unfortunately, rodents will often choose inconvenient items to chew—including wires in your Cleveland home.

Chewed wires can cause annoying electrical problems, but they can also be a fire hazard. When the wire is split, the protective insulation around the wire is damaged or removed, which makes the wire vulnerable to catching on fire.

Preventing and treating rodent infestations is important for animal damage control, and the safety of your home and everyone inside.

Soiled insulation

Another common type of animal damage is soiled insulation. Many types of wildlife can cause soiled insulation. Rodents will crawl through the insulation, soiling it as they go. Animals like bats and raccoons will defecate on the insulation in clustered spots which ruins it in that area. Birds will fly around and leave their droppings scattered on the insulation.

No matter what animal has soiled your insulation, it’s important to have it replaced. Soiled insulation is a home for bacteria and diseases, which isn’t safe for anyone.

Vent screen holes

When a critter wants in, they will find their way! Often, animals like rodents and raccoons will chew through vent screen holes to access the comforts of your Cleveland home. If you see that you have any vent screen holes, it’s important to first exclude the animal that is living inside. They, you’ll want to repair the hole with a critter-proof material. Or better yet, call the experts at Critter Control of Cleveland, and we will take care of the damage the animal has caused.

Gnawed walls and doors

As rodents run through your home, they may stop to chew on the wood along your doors and windows. This type of animal damage can become quite expensive to repair if the issue isn’t fixed right away.

You can see if rodents may be eyeing up your wood trim if there are oil marks along the drywall—this is from their fur.

Torn-off shingles/fascia boards

Raccoons can get quite clever when they’re trying to enter your Cleveland home. You may notice that shingles and fascia boards have been ripped off. Raccoons are the likely culprit of this type of wildlife damage. 

Raccoons are destructive once they gain access to your home, so it’s important to prevent them as best as possible. If they have babies in your home, they are even more difficult to eradicate.

Landscape damage

Larger animals like raccoons and woodchucks will damage the landscape that you spent time and money on. If you notice any landscape damage, Critter Control of Cleveland can help stop it before it gets worse.

Full-Service Wildlife Management

Wildlife animal damage can be hard for homeowners, but we will do our best to make sure this process is as easy as possible. Call our Critter Control of Cleveland to schedule an appointment for wildlife damage repairs today! 216.342.2316