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Attic Fan Vent Guards

Keeping animals out of your home can be doubly efficient when it comes to attic fan vent guards. While their primary purpose is to keep your attic well-ventilated, they are also helpful for keeping critters from coming in. Some wildlife critters (most commonly squirrels) are able to chew through these vent guards—and will—so make sure you are using strong enough material that they will not be able to.

Roof Vent Guards

Common roof intruders like squirrels, mice, and birds will all try to get into your roof through vents, and sometimes they're successful. Unfortunately, they can also die in the vents which can lead to incredibly unpleasant odors. Make sure critters don't die in your vents by screening them with hardware cloth and similar metal vents.

Gable Vent Closures

Just like attic fan vents, vents on your gables let air properly circulate into your attic, but also invite unintended guests. Gable vent closures are another vital part of the wildlife-proofing process since small animals like birds and bats can easily slip through these vents. Being sure they are correctly installed in the first place can save you a headache long-term.

Soffit Vent Repairs

Beneath your roofline is your soffit—an unfortunately simple way that wildlife gets into your home, if the soffit is damaged. Common soffit damage culprit is the squirrel—responsible for damaging gutters, weakening the general structure of the home, and tearing shingles. Trust Critter Control of Cleveland to restore your soffit vents and make sure your entire roofline is protected from raccoons, birds, bats, squirrels, rodents, and more.

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