To get rid of coyotes can be a tough process, as these cunning and intelligent dog relatives are quite persistent hunters. These nuisance pests are responsible for threatening livestock and domestic pets. If you are dealing with coyote problems on your Cleveland property, please call our office today at (216) 342-2316 or reach us here! We can help you with coyote removal and exclusion.

Common Coyote Problems

Cleveland coyote problemsWith exceptional senses of smell and sight, coyotes hunt in packs and prefer grassy areas where there is a plethora of prey animals like rabbits, squirrels, rodents, and reptiles. Coyotes have even been known to take down deer or cattle. A few common coyote problems Cleveland residents face include:

  • Livestock destruction, which affects the agricultural industry
  • Domestic pet attacks
  • Like all wild animals, coyotes are disease and parasite carriers (like rabies)
  • Attacks on humans are quite rare and do not usually result in serious injury

Keeping Coyotes Out

Your Critter Control of Cleveland technician will likely implement several types of coyote removal and prevention for the most effective coyote control and to discourage coyotes from coming onto your property.
  • Fencing can be beneficial but coyotes are talented at getting over and under fences, so extra precautions should be considered.
  • Using animals like guard dogs, donkeys, or llamas as livestock protectors can be effective.
  • Do not leave domestic or livestock animals out at night.

Coyote Trapping & Removal

Critter Control of Cleveland does not recommend you approach and/or handle wild coyotes. Although they look like dogs, coyotes are not domesticated and will bite or scratch if they feel threatened. Cleveland residents facing coyote problems should contact professional wildlife removal specialists to handle any coyote control and coyote trapping. Our coyote experts are available to help manage and mitigate coyote problems.

We can help you get rid of coyote problems. Call today at (216) 342-2316 or reach us online here!

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