Welcome to Cleveland, OH

The city of Cleveland is a major city in northern Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie. With a population of over 370,000 as of 2020, Cleveland is the 54th most populous city in the United States. The city was founded in the late 18th century and quickly became a manufacturing hub because of its geographic placement near both the Cuyahoga River and the shore of Lake Erie.

Natural beauty abounds in Cleveland—home to several parks and reservations, including Brookside and Lakefront Reservations, Edgewater Park, and more. Enjoy scenic hiking on miles of trails, or take your bike.

Perhaps the attraction Cleveland is most famous for is the iconic Rock and Rock Hall of Fame. Music lovers may also like to attend a show at the Cleveland Orchestra. Family activities can include a trip to the Cleveland Aquarium, a visit to the famous amusement park Cedar Point, or a trip to the Children’s Museum of Cleveland.

Wildlife Problems in Cleveland

Residents of Cleveland face trouble with wildlife animals in their homes and businesses. Discovering a pesky bat or raccoon that has made itself comfortable in your attic can be unsettling and you likely don’t know the best way to address the problem. There’s where we come in! Our team is experienced and ready to help you get rid of any wildlife problem you may be facing.

Areas we service include:

and beyond!

Because Cleveland is in the midwest, residents experience a variety of wildlife problems as the seasons change. You may come across mice, rats, or other rodents in the winter, while spring may bring raccoons, bats, skunks, and birds. No matter the season, Critter Control is here to take care of your wildlife needs for your Cleveland home!

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