Hearing noises in your attic is one of the first signs of a wildlife problem. Residents of Cleveland should call Critter Control right away if they suspect bats, squirrels, mice or raccoons are scurrying in their attic. We will inspect your home and remove the problem animal quickly. Call Critter Control of Cleveland today at 216-342-2316.

Wildlife Removal from Cleveland Attic

Your attic is an ideal location for wildlife because they're looking for a warm, safe place to keep out of the elements and away from predators. Homeowners in the Cleveland area often find squirrels, mice, raccoons, bats, and opossums in their attic. Damages that wild animals can cause include: 

  • Noises in attic ClevelandCritters have a tendency to chew on electrical wires, ruin insulation, and dig holes in your walls.
  • If unattended, these problems can lead to serious problems such as electrical fires, water damages, and other hazardous issues. 

The course of action to remove wildlife may depend upon which animal it is. Larger wildlife will typically involve professional trapping, while the smaller animals like birds, mice, or bats will require a more delicate approach to exterminate. These are difficult tasks to perform as an inexperienced homeowner, so you should seek professional advice regarding wildlife in your attic. 

Full-Service Company 

If you hear odd noises in your attic, chances are there are unwanted critters in your home. Our skilled professionals will give you a free estimate, and we can answer any questions you have about wildlife in your attic. Don't hesitate to call our experts at Critter Control of Cleveland today!