Spring can bring more than just sunshine to Cleveland —sometimes even unwanted guests. During spring many Cleveland homeowners run into problems with wildlife. More critters may occupy yards or even find ways into homes. Spring is also when many animals give birth, which results in many nests or dens around homes. On top of that it grows animal’s populations, making there more of them. 


Cleveland has many animals that will appear this spring, but here are some specific ones to watch out for: 

Skunks: Skunks are dormant during colder winter weathers, but once things warm up skunks become much more active, especially males. Skunks emerge in the spring in search of mates. They also emerge in search of food. Skunks eat grub, insects, and small animals, many of which aren’t as easily accessible until the spring. Skunks are known for getting into trash bins and they can burrow their way into your home or property. They will not only cause structural damage, but if you or your pets come into contact with them, they may spray their notorious odor. Skunks are also major carrier of rabies, which poses a direct threat to you, your family, or your Cleveland business. 

Raccoons: After a cold winter, racoons are excited to get out and become more active in their search for food and mates. They are also known to have babies in the spring season and will look for places to keep their babies safe. Racoons may choose your Cleveland home or property as the perfect space to build a nest. Racoons can cause structural damage to your property by scavenging their way through insulation and even siding. They are also notorious for destroying plants. Racoons may leave droppings and bring disease into your home. 

Groundhogs: It’s not just Punxsutawney Phil that wakes up in early spring, all groundhogs do. Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks or whistle-pigs, return every spring like they never left. They get right back to digging up and eating your yard or property. Groundhogs are known to cause the most damage to crops. They are known to burrow into the ground and can cause damage to foundations, roads, driveways, lawns, and embankments. 

Moles: Mole problems or more problems? These nuisance critters are known to cause both. Mole will create “mole-holes” in your Cleveland yard or property. Not only will these holes be a huge eye sore, they also can cause expensive landscaping damage. Moles revisit homes in spring in search for food, they create tunnels underground — where they spend most of their time. You may not see a mole in your property, but you will see their damage. 

Squirrels: Seeing all the songbirds at your feeder in the spring is a lovely sight! But when those pesky squirrels climb up the feeder and steal the seeds, it becomes a major problem. With ample access to food in your yard, these critters have no reason to leave. In fact, they might even try to make your home theirs by taking up shelter in your attic or crawlspaces. Squirrels can leave droppings or bring diseases into your home. They may tear through insulation and cause structural damage to your Cleveland home. 


As the weather heats up and brings a number of animals near or into your Cleveland home or property it is important to keep you, your family, your pets, and your home safe. Animals can leave behind droppings or bring dangerous diseases into your space. Animals can also cause extensive damage to your yard or home. It is best to let the professionals at Critter Control of Cleveland take care of these pesky animals. Removing critters yourself can be extremely dangerous, call us at Critter Control of Cleveland today!