Critter Control of Cleveland provides the most efficient and humane ways to ensure wildlife is removed from your home effectively! Our hardworking professionals are experienced in all wildlife management services, including wildlife trapping, removal, wildlife damage repairs, wildlife prevention, and more. We understand the stress that can come from discovering critters within your home, so don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff! Call Critter Control of Cleveland today to get your appointment set up at 216.342.2316 or use our contact form here!

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Wildlife Control Services in Cleveland

Critter Control of Cleveland's wildlife technicians will ensure your problem animal is trapped, removed, and any home or property damages are repaired. Arguably one of the most important aspects of wildlife control is prevention, so that is our primary focus after completing wildlife removal. Our wildlife prevention and control methods are carefully crafted to make sure your personal problem is addressed properly. Wildlife-proofing your home is a great way to keep animals like mice out.

Critter Control of Cleveland employs many of the best wildlife control technicians in the Cleveland area. Our team has years of success and experience and our professional equipment ensures top-of-the-line wildlife management services for all customers. Below are some popular services we provide for Cleveland residents.

Cleveland Wildlife Removal

Being in the midwest, Cleveland experiences a wide variety of wildlife problems. Common wildlife removal services we offer include squirrel trapping, rodent control, and raccoon removal; however, we offer most animal removal services you could need. If you're searching "critter removal near me", look no further than Critter Control of Cleveland!

Squirrel Control

Have squirrels taken over your Cleveland yard or attic? You need squirrel trapping services! Our squirrel control professionals will remove the squirrels from your home or yard before they do more damage that could be avoided. 

Rodent Control

Have rodents infested your home or attic? You're likely searching, "animal removal near me"! Critter Control of Cleveland is here to help. We offer full-service wildlife removal, including rodent control. We will remove the rodents, repair your home, and get things running smoothly in no time. 

Raccoon Control

Raccoons are another common animal that causes problems for Cleveland residents, and they require professional wildlife removal techniques! Raccoons are large animals that will damage your insulation, soil your attic with their latrine, and rip at the shingles on your roof or vent covers around your home. If you suspect raccoon problems, give our office a call for wildlife removal. 

Common Wildlife Control Problems

Several problems can arise from coming into contact with a wild animal in your Cleveland home, including:

  • Diseases/Parasites
    • Any number of wildlife animals can be host to fleas, ticks, and more pests that can find their way to more new hosts once their host has died. Unfortunately, the next victim is often you.
  • Scratches/Bites
    • Wildlife animals can be very hazardous for untrained homeowners. Critters like raccoons, squirrels, opossums, and more can scratch or bite when they feel threatened.
  • Home Damages
    • When you're facing wildlife removal problems, home damages can add up quickly. From damaged vent covers to soiled insulation and chewed wires, animals can cause problems faster than you may expect. 

To ensure your home and property are protected, please contact the wildlife control professionals at Critter Control of Cleveland at 216.342.2316 or use our contact form here!


Critter Control of Cleveland only handles wildlife animals—we do not handle problems with domestic animals. Please contact your local animal control company for help with domestic animals.