Critter Control of Cleveland provides effective and humane wildlife control services to make sure the wildlife animals invading your home are under control quickly and permanently. Our professional technicians are thoroughly trained in all wildlife control services, including wildlife trapping and removal, wildlife damage repairs, wildlife prevention, and more. We understand that it can be overwhelming to find a wildlife animal inside your home. Call Critter Control of Cleveland today to get your appointment set up at 216.342.2316 or use our contact form here

Cleveland Wildlife Control Services

Wildlife control in Cleveland Critter Control of Cleveland's wildlife control technicians will ensure your animal is trapped, removed, and any home or property damages are repaired. The most important aspect of wildlife control is prevention, so that is our primary focus when we begin wildlife control and when we follow through. Our wildlife prevention and control methods are carefully crafted to ensure your personal problem is addressed properly. Wildlife-proofing your home is an effective way to keep animals such as mice out.

Professional Wildlife Control

Cleveland Critter Control employs many of the best wildlife control technicians in the Cleveland area. Each technician has loads of experience and employs professional equipment to ensure top-of-the-line wildlife control and removal services for all customers.

Wildlife Control Problems

A wildlife animal can result in many problems for humans that come into contact with them.

  • A rogue wildlife animal can be host to fleas, ticks, and more pests that can find their way to more new hosts once their host is dead. Unfortunately, the close proximity often leads them to you, your family, or your pets.
  • Wildlife animals can be very hazardous for untrained homeowners. When they feel threatened or cornered, squirrels, raccoons, and other animals might scratch or bite.

To ensure your home and property are protected, please contact the wildlife control professionals at Critter Control of Cleveland at 216.342.2316 or use ourCritter Control Wildlife Control Cleveland contact form here! 


Critter Control of Cleveland only handles wildlife animals — we do not handle problems with domestic animals. Please contact your local animal control company for help with domestic animals.

No domestic animal calls please