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Wildlife Prevention Methods

Backyard entrance prevention ClevelandCritter Control of Cleveland's professional wildlife proofing technicians are the best in the industry at keeping a wide range of wildlife species from getting into your home and making sure they stay out.  Our team is specialized in finding a custom fit for your problem and we may use a variety of blockage methods, such as fencing and bushes around affected areas.  

Making Changes to Landscape

A quick fix to ensure wildlife doesn't burrow on your property is to remove burrowing and hiding spots for these critters. This can push them out, as well as limit the food and water available to them, which can force them to move elsewhere. 

We are able to identify the small entrances that keep these critters coming back and block them off. These wildlife entrances are often so small that without the proper tools or expertise, the average person would never be able to identify these places. 

How To Keep Animals Out

The best way to prevent animals from entering a home is to install blockers. Physical barriers keep you apart from the animal and allow for the animal to stay in their habitat in the outdoors. This method can help you keep animals like bats, opossums, raccoons, and moles off your property and out of your house. Here are some additional solutions for the entry points to your home: 

  • Trees & Landscaping 
    • Floodlights repel certain animals and rodents, although they may attract insects. 
    • Strongly scented plants deter many animals. For example, marigolds are great for keeping rodents out, while onion and garlic help keep the chipmunks away. 
  • Porch & Deck 
    • More solitary creatures like opossums and skunks like to spend time around your porch or deck.
    • Ensure there are no food sources close by as that is what attracts opossums and skunks to dig under your deck. 
  • Where Roofs and Soffits Meet
    • This area offers an easy access point into your attic for curious and persistent animals like mice and rats.
    • Mesh covering over any open areas keeps these critters out. 
    • Steel wool and spray foam are additional options for covering the holes. 
  • Bathroom Vents 
    • Galvanized steel mesh covers can keep birds and squirrels from crawling into these vents. Ensure that the installation doesn’t inhibit the normal functioning of the vent or the vent flaps. 
  • Oven Vents
    • Birds are a common culprit when it comes to getting into your Cleveland home through oven vents.
    • Stove vent guards can prevent birds from flying into the vent. 
  • Roof & Fascia Spaces
    • Rodents cannot chew through metal, so steel seals are a great solution to keep them from entering.
    • Cover downspouts with gutter guards.
  • Ceiling Vents 
    • Screens can prevent animals from entering ceiling vents, but be sure to monitor them regularly. ​
  • Chimneys 
    • Install screening over chimneys, gables, or other large openings to keep the critters from crawling in.
  • Pipes
    • Cover the exit point of the pipe with wire mesh to keep rodents from crawling through your pipes. 

Professional Animal Proofing Company

Your Critter Control of Cleveland employees will come to your home and create a customized plan that best fits you and your critter situation. Trust the professionals at Critter Control of Cleveland for wildlife prevention services that produce long-term results. 216.342.2316