Animal Droppings & Feces Removal

The wildlife intruder is gone, now what? It is important to take care of the fecal matter that was left behind. Many animals use a single spot in or around your home as a latrine, which can lead to health hazards, stains, and unfortunate odors. 

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Attic/Soffit/Louvre Vent Screen Guards

Attic, soffit, louvre vent screen repairs Cleveland From attic fan vent guards and roof vent guards to gable vent closures and soffit vent repairs, our experts can do it all with a single call! (216) 342-2316.


Dead Animal Carcass Removal

Dead animal carcasses can lead to health hazards, insect infestations, odors and stains. It is important to call the professionals right away! After removing the animal(s), we have special deodorizers, neutralizers, and air purifiers to make the smell go away. 

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Chimney Cap & Screen Installation

Chimney cap animal exclusion in ClevelandCritter Control of Cleveland offers a wide range of animal prevention products and services. After removing the unwanted animals, we repair the damage they left behind and implement state-of-the-art prevention techniques. Installing vents, chimney caps, screens, and closing entry holes reduces the probability of future conflicts with other unwanted nuisance animals. 

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